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1. 本公司自107年8月13日起喬遷到竹北
Founded in 2002, LTech is striding forward to be a leading technologies innovator in hardware and software solutions for the 3D measurement and simulation of human beings' postures, integrating them into product development and manufacturing processes. LTech focuses both on 3D Opto-electronic technologies and its applications in 3D software development. We provide 3D capturing system, software of 2D convert to 3D, system implementation, web 3D viewer and converter, 3D crystal laser engraving system, consultation, and other software.

Medical Examination - At LTech, our pledge is to provide you with superior hardware and software for clinical imaging and 3D applications along with the training, consulting, and support services to make imaging a valuable and integral component of your medical practice and other business.

Ergonomics System - Biomophic3D software provides simulation of human joints' movement.

Customized 3D imaging Applications - we've developed software and hardware for personalized 3D crystal engraving souvenirs, sculptures, embossment, and other custom-made product solutions.

Modern and Fashion - Body Scanner and Anthro3D software will help costume designers collect accurate 3D data of human begings.

As more and more of the population gains an interest in personalize products,the demand for qualified vendors has also increased. To meet the expected demand for technical support, LTech provide you a one stop shopping service with our total solution of 3D Crystal Engraving System, and also provides its leaguers with a total solution of 3D crystal portrait production, from 3D imaging capturing system or 2D convert to 3D to laser engraving process.Our clients include a diverse array of government, commercial, medical, and other organizations.


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