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1. 本公司自107年8月13日起喬遷到竹北

FaceCam EXII measurement system can quickly measure the 3D facial data (two-probe measuring the time taken is less than 1.5 seconds), the medical facial measurements, which can measure both ears and chin, for accurate face sculpture, and can be widely Application to the skin form of the 3D body measurement data, the measurement data with a detailed map information, control software can be simulated by Beauty3D people joy, anger, sadness and joy, and other expressions, the performance of the 3D three-dimensional animation, but also Before the facial plastic surgery at the front, side of the post-operative results of simulation, to achieve an integer before the expected results. The medical wound care, and can help nurses understand the process of wound healing wounds were calculated size, wound assessment select the appropriate treatment to achieve the best healing of the wound status, the medical care management more efficient.

  Single Dimensions : 170mm(W)*550mm(H)*260mm(D)
  Entire group Dimensions:800mm(W)*600mm(H)*1600mm(D)
  Power:AC110V~240V, 200W
  Capture Device:>8M Pixels Sensor, Two integrated 3D Camera
  Shooting speed:Two Sensors shooting<1.5 sec
  Pattern Projector:Double Color Projector
1 Scanning Data
  Control Software : Beauty 3D
  Field of View : 350mm(W)*300mm(H)*200mm(D)
  Resolution : <1.0 mm
  Accuracy : +/- 0.25mm
  Texture Data : Yes (with> 8M UV Texture Map)
  3D Format : LTM, OBJ, STL, WRL


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