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1. 本公司自107年8月13日起喬遷到竹北

Body Scanner measurement system for large samples of measurement data of human body to build new databases. Anthropometric data for the most basic application is the size of the extraction, a large number of measuring the dimensions of the extraction and statistical analysis, can be used as high-volume products, the size of the design basis. Size of data can be integrated with medical and biochemical data from the database between the two groups that the relationship between body size and health, personal health care as a reference.

1 Scanning Data
  Control Software : Beauty 3D
  Field of View : 900mm(W)*700mm(H)*500mm(D)
  Resolution : 2.5mm
  Accuracy : +/- 1.0mm
  Shooting speed:<0.5 sec
  Data calculated : <30 sec
  Texture Data : Yes
  3D Format : LTM, OBJ, STL, WRL
1 Apply
  ■ Healthy body sculpting ■ Industrial design
  ■ Preventive medicine ■ Clothing design
  ■ Plastic surgery ■ Shoe design
1 Features
  ■ Customized design.
  ■ Structural stability, high accuracy.
  ■ Color structured light measurement of fast and safe.
  ■ 30 seconds to complete the data of computing and integration.
  ■ High-speed shooting each measurement device just two seconds to complete the   shooting.


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