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1. 本公司自107年8月13日起喬遷到竹北

When the store owner still bought 3D Camera to do 3D crystal portrait business with a lot of money, we already successful developing a set of software system, ShapeMG , which can change 2D photo into 3D image. Not only a great amount of cost can be saved, but also keep the customer who is unable to come personally, and then increase incomes.However this software is not planning to replace the system of 3D camera, as mentioned, it will help the store owner to sell products to those who would like to surprise their companies.With this system, the store owner can make double sales and expand this business to Internet, and etc.
1 Features
  ■ Converting a general picture to 3D image easy and fast.
  ■ Referring to the characteristics of picture, a 3D image will be construct automatically.
  ■ A variety of templates, including European and American, Chinese, children and pets.
  ■ Real 3D image, every converting image includes Triangle Mesh and Texture.
  ■ Multi-usage, such as: people reproduce, person or pet Crystal sub-surface engraving.
1 Apply
  ■ Crystal:Engraving the personal 3D image into crystal souvenirs.
  ■ Rich Media:Demostrating make-up AD on website by using LTweb3D.
  ■ Face Recognition:Face simulation, morphing and recognition.
■ Personage Reconstruction :Reconstructing personages in 3D images.
■ On-Line Game:Converting a personal face onto a character.
■ Embossment:Converting personal face for embossment use.
■ Sculpture:Improving the process and accuracy of personal sculpture.
10 Crystal souvenirs 10 Personage Reconstruction
Software Specifications
  Input Format : jpg , bmp , gif , png , tiff.
  Output Format : obj , stl , wrl , vic , ltm.
  templet : Men: including Europe, America and the Chinese 10 species.
  Women: including Europe, America and the Chinese 10 species.
  Children: including infants, boys and girls 9 species.
  Pets: Cat 1 species, dogs seven kinds.
  Module : Image Converting Module
3D Data Editing Module
3D Data Combine Module
Crystal Points Module
  CPU: >P4 2.0G
  RAM: 512MB
OS: Windows NT 5.0、Windows 2000、Windows XP、Windows Vista、windows 7 (64 bits)
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